Mortgage Case Studies

The following case study is an actual case , which has been dealt with in the past 5 years.


8 Bedroom Guest House
Location: Norwich
Property Type: 8 Bedroom Guesthouse in which the owners also resided
Case details: The applicant was advanced 380,000 on a valuation of 600,000. The husband and wife team had been in the industry for over 7 years. The applicants had a complete mortgage history but had incurred two ccjs due to ill-health nearly four years ago. The applicants were again refurbishing the property and used the additional capital to complete these works and add soft furnishings throughout the property. The mortgage history and management accounts supported the self declaration of income. The margin on this case was 4.25% over a 25 year term.
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*a proportion of these cases were dealt with directly through our mortgage provider and are here to provide you with an insight as to what mortgage problems can be dealt with
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