Mortgage Case Studies

The following case studies are actual examples of mortgages which have been taken out by business's from all around the United Kingdom.  They give you an insight as to what problems people have incurred and how they have been solved.  They also show you what diverse properties we deal with.

case 1
Location: County Durham
Property Type: caf refinance, raising 90k on 125k
Case details: The applicant approached us via the introducer to raise capital for property enhancements.  They redeemed Lloyds TSB, raising 20k for investment. The transaction completed 8 calendar days after we received the fully packaged case! We were provided partial accounting information and the margin applied was 4.75%
case 2
Location: Essex
Property Type: Purchase of a retail food outlet, with living accommodation above and business premises below. The Applicant raised 140k on a valuation of 300k.
Case details: The borrower had an existing 13 year lease in place, and had the opportunity to purchase the freehold at a discounted price of 190k. With partial accounting information we provided funds at a 3.25% margin.
case 3
Location: Buckingham
Property Type: Racing stables and farmhouse. 1.6m purchase, we lent  900k to assist with the purchase.
Case details: The client was moving from smaller stables and accommodation as his business grew. The clients had partial accounts (just one years audited) and the property had two leases, providing rental income for the borrower. A margin of 4% applied
case 4
Location: Norfolk
Property Type: Retail sports unit, refinance provided 220k on valuation of 340k
Case details: The borrower was an investor, and raised the cash on his unencumbered property to purchase further investment opportunities overseas. A 3.75% margin was applied
case 5
Location: Kent
Property Type: Estate agency & Solicitors practice, with investment flat above. us provided a refinance of 250k on a valuation of 370k
Case details: The applicant used the rental income, supplemented by an accountants certificate in the application. The monies were raised to redeem an existing bridging loan and raise additional capital to renovate the retail unit. A margin of 4% applied.
case 6
Location: Oxford
Property Type: Purchase of a freehold pub with letting rooms above. 440k advanced on a valuation of 600k
Case details: The applicant received the advance within three weeks of us receiving the packaged case. The borrower had been operating the public house on a lease, and used our mortgage to secure the property and business for herself. A margin of 5% applied with the borrower using an accountant certificate together with her rental statements when applying for the mortgage.
case 7
Location: Berkshire
Property Type: Garden Centre, 175k refinance on a valuation of 250k
Case details: The borrower used the property security to raise capital. The property was unencumbered and the capital raised was used to extend the buildings on the property and the business. The borrower provided partial accounting information and obtained the finance in 6 weeks from application at a margin of 4.75%.
case 8
Location: Eastbourne
Property Type: Guest House, valued at 175,000
Case details: Refinance monies used to carry out some refitting and overhaul to renovate before the new season was under way. Lent 130k (74% ltv) at a margin of 5.25% with applicant using self certification and supporting accountants certificate. The applicants also had a history of consultancy income within the IT industry. The mortgage was over a 20 year term. The applicant had an up to date mortgage history.
case 9
Location: Bristol
Property Type: Newsagents and Convenience Store with three bedroom accommodation on the first and second floors
Case details: The property valued at 290,000 and the applicant needed a refinance and capital raise to consolidate some existing debt and purchase some new fittings and stock for the business. The applicant again had outside income from a jewellery business. We advanced 75% at 5% over base rate over 25 years.
case 10
Location: Hull
Property Type: The property was a two storey retail unit being used as a hair dressing salon and with living accommodation above
Case details: Lent 50,000 on a valuation of 70,000. Accounts were provided and a margin of 4.75% over base was applied. The applicant purchased the site for his common law wife supporting the application with his two other businesses (car dealership and restaurant).
case 11
Location: London
Property Type: Purchase of a vacant retail lock-up shop on a London high street at a price of 105,000
Case details: The applicant borrowed 63,000 to acquire the site from auction and convert into a grocery business. The applicant had two existing sites and used the mortgage to expand his business in the local area. A rate of 5% over base over 20 years, with the applicant using self certification supported by management trading accounts.
case 12
Location: Watford
Property Type: Applicant operated a security business from office and warehouse premise in Watford
Case details: Two properties were provided as security at a value of 1.9m. The company had recently restructured after losing two key government contracts. This forced redundancies and one off costs which translated into trading losses. We were able to advance 900,000 at a margin of 4% over base for 20 years. In addition we deducted the first 6 months payments in order for the applicant to enjoy a repayment holiday while it delivered the restructuring of its business. Projections and future order book supported the future viability of a restructured business.
case 13
Location: Norwich
Property Type: 8 Bedroom Guesthouse in which the owners also resided
Case details: The applicant was advanced 380,000 on a valuation of 600,000. The husband and wife team had been in the industry for over 7 years. The applicants had a complete mortgage history but had incurred two ccjs due to ill-health nearly four years ago. The applicants were again refurbishing the property and used the additional capital to complete these works and add soft furnishings throughout the property. The mortgage history and management accounts supported the self declaration of income. The margin on this case was 4.25% over a 25 year term.
case 14
Location: Warwickshire
Property Type: The applicant refinanced a Village general store incorporating post office, off license and in-bakery
Case details: The property also had residential accommodation where the owner resided. The husband and wife team used the 300,000 advance to consolidate some existing debts short term. The Property valued at 400,000 and the husbands employed income as operations director of a local manufacturing business supported the repayment ability of the application. A margin of 4.5% over base rate was applied to the 20 year mortgage.
case 15
Location: London
Property Type: Refinance of a telecommunications and music shop in Islington, London
Case details: The property was valued at 340,000 and the applicant needed to raise capital in order to acquire new stock and refurbish the living accommodation before he moved in. An advance of 190,000 was made available at a rate of 4.25% over a 20 year term.



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*a proportion of these cases were dealt with directly through our mortgage provider and are here to provide you with an insight as to what mortgage problems can be dealt with
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