Commercial Mortgages

* Self Certification
* No accounts required
* Borrow from 50,000 to 2m
* 85% LTV
* Rates from 2% over base rate
* Buy to let and commercial investment
* Borrow up to 100% LTV with additional security
* 30 year term available
* Getting a Quote

For borrowers looking to raise between 50k and 2m, our process is geared towards being simple, quick and flexible. Mortgage products are available with terms up to 30 years, generally up to 85% LTV (for transactions up to 500k) and have an option for self certification of income. It is important to distinguish that we provide a mortgage product and therefore the advance is made against the market value of the property, excluding goodwill and any fixtures or fittings.

We are able to lend up to 90% of purchase price for sitting tenants purchasing at a discount (subject to this not exceeding any LTV restrictions on valuation) and 100% advances can be made with additional security (either residential or commercial property) from the borrower. The product is available at a margin of between 2% and 5.5% over Libor depending upon the LTV and status of the applicant. Early repayment charges apply.

The product can be used for any purpose by the applicant including;

  • New business start-ups
  • Business turnaround solutions
  • Short Term Finance and debt consolidation
  • Working Capital raising
  • Property improvement
  • Business expansion


If you would like a quotation, please use our Mortgage Quotation Wizard and we will ensure you get the best deal available for your business.

Mortgage Wizard

If you prefer to speak to a mortgage consultant, please visit our contact page and use the contact method you prefer, Email, Telephone or Post.

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