Mortgages on Industrial Units

Industrial units can be a key part of any business, providing secure storage facilities, office space or warehousing.  Sterling Knight are experts when it comes to securing a mortgage on an industrial unit. 

So no matter what stage you are at, Looking, tendering, or even building why not speak to us to see what we can do for you when it comes to obtaining funds for either expansion or new builds.


Case Study: Warehouses -  Watford

property type:
Applicant operated a security business from office and warehouse premise in Watford

case details:
Two properties were provided as security at a value of 1.9m. The company had recently
restructured after losing two key government contracts. This forced redundancies and one off costs which translated into trading losses.

The customer was able to get an advance 900,000.

In addition the first 6 months payments were deducted,  in order for the applicant to enjoy a repayment holiday while it delivered the restructuring of its business. Projections and future order book supported the future viability of a restructured business.


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